Stumbras vodka

Country sky… Lush meadows… Soughing wind in the pine forest and murmuring creek… Wide fields… And the scent of ripe rye…

Exceptional vodka

This exceptional vodka, named after the distillery itself, was first produced to commemorate the centenary of STUMBRAS, giving meaning to the experience that has been accumulated and the mastery that has been handed down from generation to generation..

Inspired by grandeur and beauty of nature

Our inspiration – billowing meadows, ancient Lithuanian forests, morning dew… To celebrate it, we put a piece of nature into each bottle – a spike, a grass blade, a berry.


There is a stalk of wheat, or a blade of bison grass, or a handful of cranberries, or an umbel of caraway put into each bottle by hand.


centenary-vodka bison-grass-vodka cranberry-vodka quince-vodka raspberry-flavoured-vodka caraway-vodka pure-vodka honey-flavoured-vodka premium-organic-vodka 110-vodka