5 times distilled

We use 5 times filtered Lux-grade rectified grain spirit – which stands out for its exceptional purity – and water from our own 100 meter deep well.

5 times filtered

CENTENARY Vodka is first put through primary sand filters, then through activated carbon modular, secondary sand and silver filters until it goes through final filtration.

Manually added spike

A spike of wheat is placed by hand into each bottle of CENTENARY Vodka as a symbol of its naturalness and the artisanship with which it is made.


Lithuanian Product of the Year 2006 (Lithuania) Prodexpo Alcoholic Beverages Tasting Contest (March 2007, Russia) – Gold medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition (April 2007, USA) – Silver medal Drinks International Vodka Challenge (February 2007, UK) – Bronze medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2008, USA) Beverage Tasting Institute (2013, USA) - Gold medal

Excellent smooth taste

While drinking CENTENARY Vodka, one can clearly detect the aroma of wheat grain, with tones of roasted nuts. The flavor is rich, smooth and long-lasting.